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For thousands of years documentation has been mediocre. It’s boring. It’s unclear. It’s out of date or hard to use. It’s mediocre. And mediocre documentation will make your users cry, or swear or do something more drastic. Even worse, mediocre documentation gives you mediocre results.

There are a lot of companies that will help you create more mediocre documentation. They’ll help you automate it, reuse it, recycle it or regurgitate it. But in the end you still have mediocre documentation.

Our job at Blue Mango is to help you create fantastic documentation. We do this in three ways:

  1. We research the best ways to not just present information, but deliver it in a way that your customer, employee or friend can understand and implement it.
  2. We provide articles, videos, ebooks and webinars that teach you what we have learned about communicating more efficiently.
  3. We create software tools that help anyone from the most novice technical user to the most obtuse software engineer create communications that anyone can understand.

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Learn how to improve user on-boarding, decrease customer support requests and increase technology adoption by creating and delivering better documentation.

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We create products designed to help you communicate more efficiently through the use of images. They include ScreenSteps and Clarify.

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