Who Uses ScreenSteps and ScreenSteps Live?

ScreenSteps and ScreenSteps Live are used by a wide variety of users. People principally use ScreenSteps to:

  • Create software documentation
  • Create tutorials or help files
  • Write documents or blog posts that contain a lot of visual information

Our customers include independent consultants, school teachers, small business owners, non-profit groups, universities, startups and multi-national corporations. ScreenSteps can help such a diverse group of users because it is designed to easily integrate with tools you probably already use. ScreenSteps is simple to learn and the improvement in the clarity of your communications is immediate.

Below we have a list of customer stories detailing how others have benefited from ScreenSteps. Hopefully these stories will give you some ideas on how you can improve your business or organization.

ScreenSteps and ScreenSteps Live

Illuminate Education: Impacting Students' Lives Through Better Documentation

Illuminate Education uses ScreenSteps Live to improve training results, decrease product adoption costs and to further their mission of impacting students’ lives.

SDA Solutions: Documentation Without Developers

SDA Solutions uses ScreenSteps Live to create online software documentation without having to involve developers in the process.


Learn how iContact uses ScreenSteps Live to remove the headaches associated with releasing and supporting custom Salesforce applications in their organization.


Learn how Saddleback Valley Unified School District uses ScreenSteps Live to maximize their support resources amidst budget cutbacks.

Hover logo

Learn how Hover prepared to migrate their large customer base to a newly launched service using the ScreenSteps Customer Support Suite.

Second street media

Read about how Second Street Media was able to decrease their customer support requests almost immediately using the ScreenSteps Customer Support Suite.


Learn how Morphis, Inc. was able to dramatically improve customer satisfaction in only a week using the ScreenSteps Customer Support Suite.


Read about how VetPort used the ScreenSteps Customer Support Suite to scale their growing business.

ScreenSteps Live and Zendesk

Support Solutions

Support Solutions is able to more efficiently support their customers and grow their business by combining ScreenSteps Live and Zendesk.


Hover uses ScreenSteps Live and Zendesk to offer phenomenal technical support to their users. Their documentation is so good that customers rave about it.


By using ScreenSteps Live and Zendesk, eAvenue is able to free up a lot of time for the technical support staff.

Knowledge Plaza

Even as Knowledge Plaza grows their customer base they receive a very low volume of functionality-related questions. With ScreenSteps Live and Zendesk they are able to present their customers with an integrated and consistent support environment.

ScreenSteps Workgroup and MindTouch

Clearer Documentation With ScreenSteps Workgroup

MindTouch uses ScreenSteps to create clear, image-based software documentation right as their customers need it.

ScreenSteps and Google Sites

Colorectal Cancer Coalition

Learn how the non-profit organization, Colorectal Cancer Coalition (C3) uses ScreenSteps and Google Sites to further their misison.

Shawn Cheatham and Rubis Bussines Solutions

Learn how Sean Cheatam uses ScreenSteps and Google Sites to help his customers better integrate their technology products.

Jenna Baze and AeroMetric, Inc.

Learn how Jenna Base combines ScreenSteps and Google Sites to help keep her marketing team running.