The "desktop only" version of ScreenSteps Desktop Standard and Pro 2.9 has been discontinued.
The new ScreenSteps 3 is now available as a cloud service with a desktop authoring tool. Read more about this change here

If you are interested in a standalone tool please look at our Clarify product.

Features that Make Creating Software Documentation Ridiculously Simple

Easily Author Task-based Documentation by Creating Lessons

Your goal in creating documentation is to help your readers accomplish meaningful tasks. ScreenSteps is designed to make creating task-based documentation simple and fast. To start, just create a new lesson and enter the title of your help article.

Create lessons

Capture Step-by-step Images

Next, just start capturing images. Each image you capture is automatically added to the end of your lesson. In just a few seconds you will have step-by-step images, automatically organized in the order you captured them. No more copying and pasting images into Word!

  • Use keyboard shortcuts, our simple capture palette or capture buttons to capture images
  • Capture regions or windows
  • Drag images or photos onto ScreenSteps to automatically import images

ScreenSteps even remembers the size and locations of the regions you capture, making it simple capture the same area of the screen repeatedly – a major plus when creating software documentation.

Capture step by step images

Annotate Images

Use ScreenSteps’ built-in annotation tools to mark-up your images. Tools include arrows, boxes, ovals, text boxes, blur tools and our innovative sequence tool. You can even crop and resize images without having to use a separate image editor.

Annotate images

Add Text

Because ScreenSteps combines image editing and text authoring you don’t need to move to a separate application to write your documentation. Just add as much or as little text as you need. ScreenSteps’ integrated workflow will save you hours as you write your documentation.

  • Add text to each step in your document
  • Insert urls
  • Reorder, delete or add new new steps
Add text

Assemble Lessons into Manuals

Once your lesson is completed you can publish it as a single document or assemble multiple lessons into a complete manual with chapters and a table of contents.

  • Easily organize your lessons into manuals using drag and drop
  • Add chapters to further organize your lessons
  • Easily cross-reference other lessons in your manual

Manuals can only be exported to PDF, HTML, Word and ScreenSteps Live.

Assemble lessons into manuals

Publish your documentation


No other screen capture or documentation application offers more options for publishing your documentation:

  • Export to HTML, PDF, or Microsoft Word
  • Publish to blogs: WordPress, TypePad, Blogger, Movable Type, Square Space
  • Publish to wikis: MindTouch, Confluence
  • Publish to content management systems: Google Sites, Joomla, Drupal
  • Publish to help ticketing applications Zendesk and Parature
  • Export to clipboard for copying and pasting into other documents or sharing via email
  • Export to our ScreenSteps Live hosted documentation solution

View examples of ScreenSteps output

Update your documentation


Updating your documentation is usually a huge headache. But ScreenSteps makes the updating process fast and painless. Just click the replace image button and you can capture an updated screenshot for your documentation. ScreenSteps will remember the size and location where you took the original screenshot AND will keep all of your original annotations in place.

Instead of having to recreate each image from scratch you just click a button, capture a new image and possibly reposition some of your annotations. Keeping your documentation up to date has never been easier!

Single License for Windows and Mac

Every purchase of ScreenSteps includes a cross-platform license for both Windows and Mac. This lets you create documentation on any system you are using without having to pay extra licensing costs. Starting at just $39.95, ScreenSteps Desktop is one of the most affordable documentation solutions available. We guarantee that you won’t get more bang for your buck anywhere else.

Get Started Right Now for Free!

Download a free trial of ScreenSteps Desktop today. You’ll get to try out all of the features and in just 15 minutes you will have created a beautiful how-to document. And you won’t lose any of the work you do during the trial. Once you purchase a ScreenSteps license you will still have access to all of the lessons and manuals you created during the trial.

There isn’t a simpler or faster way to create great documentation than ScreenSteps so get started now!