The "desktop only" version of ScreenSteps Desktop Standard and Pro 2.9 has been discontinued.
The new ScreenSteps 3 is now available as a cloud service with a desktop authoring tool. Read more about this change here

If you are interested in a standalone tool please look at our Clarify product.

ScreenSteps Desktop 2.9 Pricing

ScreenSteps 2.9 Standard and Pro have been discontinued. The new ScreenSteps 3 is now available as an online subscription service wiht improved authoring and collaboration features.

If you wish to purchase additional licenses of ScreenSteps 2.9 Standard or Pro you can do so by clicking on the links below. But please understand that these products will not be receiving future development or feature enhancements.

Purchase Policies


Upgrades from ScreenSteps 2.9 Standard to ScreenSteps 2.9 Pro can be purchased through our upgrade store.

Academic Discount

An education discount of 15% is available for students and employees of accredited educational institutions. Education licenses are for non-commercial uses only. Educational discounts are not available for upgrade purchases.

Purchase ScreenSteps 2.9 From Our Academic Store

ScreenSteps License Policy

A ScreenSteps license is a per user license. This means that if you are the only user of a laptop and a desktop system, you can install ScreenSteps on both systems with a single license. It also means that you do not need a separate license for a Macintosh and Windows system if you are the only user of both systems.