SQL Yoga: A Flexible Database Library for Revolution

August 20, 2009 Update: A recording of the content covered in the webinar is now available.

Revolution is a powerful development tool because with it you can easily incorporate text, buttons, images, graphics and more into an application that runs cross-platform. You don’t need to understand the PNG image format or how Windows and Mac draw text on the screen. You just use Revolution’s english-like syntax to manipulate the objects in an easy to understand way.

Wouldn’t it be great if working with databases in your application were just as easy? With SQL Yoga it will be.

Join us, Blue Mango Learning Systems, for a webinar this Wednesday where we will show you the database library that will completely change how you work with databases in Revolution. Also learn how you can get involved in the public beta leading up to release at the end of September.

Register for the free webinar: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/490813635

Note: The webinar will be recorded and made available for viewing for those who cannot make it.


8 thoughts on “SQL Yoga: A Flexible Database Library for Revolution

  1. Dan Tomlin

    I can’t make the webinar, will it be recorded and available?

    I’m interested in the product. I have use the libDatabase for a couple of years and I hope this will be similar….

  2. Sadhu Nadesan


    Well, having experienced Trevor’s work on the data grid object, and his amazing support of the same, I’m very interested to know what this SQL Yoga is all about? Especially since I might be called a yogi to some small extent, and definitely called an SQL user to a large extent. However, at 8am PDT on the day in question I am not available, so will have to tune in to the recorded session later (darn). Trevor, looking forward to it.

    — Namaste,

  3. SparkOut

    I wish I could have made it to the webinar, unfortunately I was with a client all day. I can’t wait to see the recording!

  4. Tim Franklin

    Very nice, I look forward to a public release of this product, I have long hoped to see this type of development, saving time and effort will be one of the strengths I will be looking forward to.

    Say will this also someday work with the web plugin? That would be icing on the cake

  5. trevordevore Post author

    I think this will work in the web plugin but I’m not positive. I will definitely be testing it out once the web plugin gets to the beta stage however.

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