RunRev MegaBundle: Get $4000 of software for $499

RunRev is offering their MegaBundle sale again this year. This is your best chance to get all of the tools you need for a great price.

RunRev MegaBundle 09

If you just need to renew your revEnterprise license or have been looking at developing software with Revolution this is the best price you are going to get.

All of our products that are available through RevSelect are included with the bundle: SQL Yoga, Professional Application Development with Revolution training courses and ScreenSteps standard.


6 thoughts on “RunRev MegaBundle: Get $4000 of software for $499

  1. arie van der ent

    Trevor, in 2009 I bought this bundle. Last week I lost the training files. Is it possible to sent me the download link again?


  2. Sean

    Hi Trevor,
    Thanks for the clarification. Can I just check, because I just hate to assume: will SQL Yoga work with apps written for all LiveCode platforms? iOS, Android and Windows ? I assume it does, but I have seen that not all extensions support all platforms.

  3. trevordevore Post author

    I have used SQL Yoga with desktop and iOS. It should work with Android. SQL Yoga is just sitting on top of revDB for the most part.

    It WILL NOT work with server, however. I have commands that return values in both ‘the result’ and ‘it’ which requires a function that is not available on the server. Once the engine is updated so that commands can set ‘it’ then SQL Yoga should work with the server as well. There is a thread on the forums about adding this feature:

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