Notes on Setting up Windows to Build LiveCode Community

This article provides tips for installing the software packages required to build and test LiveCode Community on Windows. The primary instructions can be found at the following url:

Install Visual Studio Community 2017

The instructions say to install Visual Studio 2015. The configure.bat file creates project files that target Visual Basic 2017 build tools, however.

Configure for C++ development

Select Desktop development with C++ as the install option;

Add Windows 8.1 SDK and Visual C++ MFC for x86 and x64

Set up for Visual C++

When Visual Studio launches you will be prompted to log in and then decide how you want the environment configured. Select Visual C++.

Install Cygwin with additional packages

When you get to the Select Packages screen in the Cygwin installer do the following:

  1. Change the View to Full.
  2. Search for each additional package listed on the LiveCode web page.
  3. Click on Skip to mark it for installation.

Add Perl to the PATH environment variable

The option to add Perl to PATH will be checked by default. Leave it checked.

Add Python 2.7 to PATH

With the Python 2.7 installer you have to customize the installation so that the Python.exe is added to PATH. Scroll to the bottom of the list of customizations and activate Add python.exe to Path.

Set the LiveCode-all Debugging Command

In order to debug the IDE you need to configure the Debugging Command for LiveCode-all.


Build Livecode-all

Build the LiveCode-all project. Once y


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