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Using SourceTree to monitor progress on LiveCode

When LiveCode became open source after the Kickstarter campaign all of the source code was moved to Github. Because the livecode repository on Github is public, you can monitor all changes which are submitted to it.

I’m going to show you how to easily monitor progress on the LiveCode engine using SourceTree, a free Git client for Mac and Windows made by Atlassian.

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GLX Application Framework 1.1 Released

Revolution is an incredible cross-platform development tool for quickly creating programs that run multiple platforms. But creating an application with Revolution still requires that the developer create their own libraries to perform many common application tasks.

The GLX Application Framework provides the underlying infrastructure you need for creating professional-grade applications on Mac and Windows. This allows you to focus on making your application unique and valuable instead of wasting time setting up mundane features such as undo support. Using the framework saves you time and makes you more productive.

To find out more visit the GLX Application Framework page in our Revolution Tools section.


Revolution Data Grid Webinar Posted

Two weeks ago we hosted a webinar discussing the new Data Grid control available in Revolution 3.5. Revolution is the cross-platform development environment that we write all of our desktop software in and ScreenSteps uses the Data Grid control extensively. In the webinar we show how we integrated the Data Grid into ScreenSteps 2.5 and share some tips and tricks that will prove useful to anyone working with Data Grids.

The webinar is about 70 minutes long with a little over half of the time spent presenting and the reset spent answering questions from attendees. To watch the recording just visit the archive page.


A Little Revolution Does A Developer Good

Round here we develop all of our desktop applications using Revolution. I recently attended the RunRevLive 08 conference in Las Vegas where one of the speakers was Robert Cailliau, the co-developer of the web. Robert spoke on “Programming systems and the birth of the Web”. Following a very interesting presentation on how the web came about he discussed some characteristics he thought a good programming language should have:

  • You should not need the reference manual lying open next to you.
  • A good assignment operator.
  • The less “swear” characters the better. These are characters from the top of the keyboard and are like the top shelf at a newsstand – dirty.
  • You should not need lots of comments.

His point was that you spend most of your time reading your code, not writing it. Therefore the language should be easy to read and understand. Since Revolution uses an english-like syntax it fulfills all of Robert’s criteria.

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