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A Plugin For Monitoring the focusedObject

Knowing which object currently has focus can help you troubleshoot situations when messages aren’t being sent to the object you think should be getting them. I have a plugin I use called ReportTheFocusedObject which continually monitors the focusedObject and selectedField so that you can quickly determine which object is the target of messages.

You can download the plugin here.

For instructions on how to install plugins for Revolution see this lesson.


SQL Yoga 1.0.1 Released with New IDE Plugin

New Features and Bug Fixes

SQL Yoga 1.0.1 is now available for immediate download from the SQL Yoga site. The new version has a number of bug fixes as well as some new features.

Two new time-saving commands have been added to the library that will speed up creating and updating records:

Both of these commands allow you to pass in arrays with the values you want to insert/update in the database.

For a full list of changes please see the change log.

New Plugin

A new IDE plugin is now included with the SQL Yoga distribution. The plugin automates a few tasks and provides logging. You can read about how to install and use the plugin in the new plugin manual.

Learn More

To learn more about SQL Yoga, download a demo or purchase please visit the SQL Yoga page.


Plugin: Script Format Helper

I often include Revolution code snippets in lessons that I create. Those lessons are most often delivered in HTML or PDF. In order to speed up the process of converting code to the appropriate format I created a plugin called “Script Format Helper” that does the following:

  1. Formats the selected text in the script editor using the Revolution script colorization functions
  2. Converts the script to another format like HTML or a PNG image.

Examples of HTML Snippets

Here is what some sample HTML output looks like without line numbers:

on mouseUp pMouseBtnNo
   if pMouseBtnNo is 1 then
      put "You colorized me!" into theMsg
      answer theMsg
   end if
end mouseUp

Here is what some sample HTML output looks like with line numbers:

    1on mouseUp pMouseBtnNo
    2   if pMouseBtnNo is 1 then
    3      put "You colorized me!" into theMsg
    4      answer theMsg
    5   end if
    6end mouseUp

Get The Plugin

For more information visit the Script Format Helper page.