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Revolution is the fastest way to write code that runs on multiple platforms without a lot of hassle. That code can be delivered as desktop applications, web applications or even running in a web browser. If you are delivering your application on the desktop then the GLX Application Framework ensures that you stay productive with Revolution and don’t get stuck trying to implement universal application features.

The GLX Application Framework provides the underlying infrastructure you need for creating professional-grade applications on Mac and Windows. This allows you to focus on making your application unique and valuable instead of spending time working on features common to many applications. Using the framework saves you time and makes you more productive.

The framework takes care of common tasks such as splash stacks, loading stacks and externals at launch, working with user preferences, auto updating, undo management and more.

The framework supports Revolution 3.0 and above on OS X (10.3 and above) and Windows (2000, XP and Vista).

The framework is free to use in your personal or commercial projects and the source code is open.

Current Version: 1.2 build 1, May 15, 2013

Some of the new features in version 1.2 are:

  • Simplified loading of custom libURL.
  • Support for code signing on OS X.
  • New callbacks sent when packaging applications allow for customizing installers using LiveCode (previously only had support for AppleScript).
  • Automatically processes URLs that operating system passes off to your application (see glxapp_processURL).
  • Register your app with URL protocols on Windows using glxapputil_registerURLProtocol.

Plus there are a number of bug fixes and enhancements that will make building applications even easier.

API Docs

The new and updated API documentation is now available. There are still a few things missing such as the Undo Manager API but it is mostly complete.

How-To Manual

The (constantly evolving) how-to manual is available on the web at Remember to ask questions if you don’t find what you are looking for.

Google Group

A google group has been created to host dicussions. To view the archives or to join please visit


You can download the latest framework zip archive here.


If you have an existing application that uses the framework and need to upgrade your app to the latest version then take a look at this lesson: How Do I Update An Existing Application To Use the Latest Framework? .


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