Blue Mango Learning Systems GLX Application Framework version 1.2.0 build 1

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command glxapp_addToRecentlyOpened

Adds a file to the list of recently opened files for a specific category.

command glxapp_addToRecentlyOpened pCategory, pFile, pTag, pSecurityBookmark
Simple parameter. pCategory The category to add the file to. This is simply a string that helps you organize multiple lists of recent files.
Simple parameter. pFile The full path to the file to add to the recent file list.
Simple parameter. pTag This will be used as the tag in the menu that is generated by glxapp_recentlyOpenedMenuText. If empty then pFile is used.
Simple parameter. pSecurityBookmark Pass in any security related bookmark data. This will be stored with the entry as it may be needed to open the file.

Calling this handler will save preferences.


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