Blue Mango Learning Systems GLX Application Framework version 1.2.0 build 1

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command glxapp_initializeProxy

Configures proxy server settings for your application.

command glxapp_initializeProxy

When using the custom version of libURL included with the framework you can call this command
to initialize proxy server settings. For OS X and Windows the command will look for a PAC file or
hard coded proxy. If a PAC file is being used then libURL will be set up to use the PAC file for
resolving the proxy server to use for each URL requested.

_On Windows WPAD (Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Protocol) detection is used as well if the operating system
is configured to do so. In this case the PAC file will try to be located using the WPAD protcol.

This command calls glxapp_setHTTPProxy and also sets the "use pac file" property (glxapp_setProp("use pac file") ).


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