Blue Mango Learning Systems GLX Application Framework version 1.2.0 build 1

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command glxurlauth_setProp

Sets a value for the URL Authorization object.

command glxurlauth_setProp pProp, pValue
Simple parameter. pProp Property to set.
Simple parameter. pValue Value to set property to.

Setting the URL Authorization object properties is useful when you are going to access a URL that is protected and you know the username/password that is required to access the URL. Just set the properties before making a libURL call (get/put URL, load URL, etc.) and the values you set will be used in the authorization callbacks that libURL sends to the framework.

Make sure that you set the properties back to empty after accessing the URL if you plan on accessing other protected URLs that don't use the same login credentials.


prompt user for credentials: Set to true if you would like to prompt the user for credentials if libURL tries to access a URL it doesn't have permission to see.

http proxy username: Username for proxy server authentication.

http proxy password: Password for proxy server authentication.

http proxy domain: Domain for proxy server authentication.

server username: Username for web server authentication.

server password: Password for web server authentication.

server domain: Domain for web server authentication.