Blue Mango Learning Systems GLX Application Framework version 1.2.0 build 1

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Package Application Commands

Objects, Scripts and Properties
CommandCommand glxapp_answerAuthentication Displays the credentials authentication dialog for libURL authentication callbacks.
CommandCommand glxapp_debugLog Logs messages to a log file for inspecton
CommandCommand glxapp_loadApplication Loads the application and dispatches the glxapp_firstRun, glxapp_initializeApplication and glxapp_openApplication messages.
CommandCommand glxapp_loadExternals Loads the application externals. Use in the IDE after you call glxapp_unloadExternals.
CommandCommand glxapp_logNetworkActivity Logs network activty to a log file for inspecton
CommandCommand glxapp_shutdownApplication Cleans up and shuts down the application. Dispatches glxapp_cleanupApplication.
CommandCommand glxapp_unloadApplication Calls glxapp_shutdownApplication and then unloads all stacks from memory. Called by the application updater.
CommandCommand glxapp_unloadExternals Unloads the application externals. Use in the IDE if you want to replace an external while working on your application. Call glxapp_loadExternals to reload after replacing the external file on disk.