Blue Mango Learning Systems GLX Application Framework version 1.2.0 build 1

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Package Application Object

Objects, Scripts and Properties
CommandCommand glxapp_create Creates a group that the framework uses as the Application Object for storing all information about your application.
CommandCommand glxapp_createBuildProfile Creates a Build Profile object used for storing build profiles the application uses.
CommandCommand glxapp_createExternal Creates an External object used for storing an external the application uses.
CommandCommand glxapp_createFileExtension Creates a File Extension object used for storing file extensions the application uses.
CommandCommand glxapp_createFileTypeFilter Creates a File Type Filter object used for storing file type filters the application uses.
CommandCommand glxapp_createStack Creates a Stack object used for storing stacks the application uses.
CommandCommand glxapp_createStandaloneResource Creates a Standalone Resource object used for storing standalone resources the application uses.
CommandCommand glxapp_setProp Sets a GLX Application property.
FunctionFunction glxapp_findBuildProfileOfName() Finds a Build Profile object of a given name.
FunctionFunction glxapp_findFileExtensionOfName() Finds a File Extension object of a given name.
FunctionFunction glxapp_findFileTypeFilterGroupOfName() Finds a File Type Filter Group object of a given name within a File Filter Object.
FunctionFunction glxapp_findFileTypeFilterOfName() Finds a File Type Filter object of a given name.
FunctionFunction glxapp_getProp() Returns a GLX Application property.