Blue Mango Learning Systems GLX Application Framework version 1.2.0 build 1

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Package Broadcasting

Objects, Scripts and Properties
CommandCommand glxapp_broadcast Broadcasts a message from an object to any objects that are listening.
CommandCommand glxapp_listenForBroadcast Registers an object to listen for broadcasts that another object can send.
CommandCommand glxapp_publishBroadcast Publishes a message that an object or variable wants to announce as being broadcast.
CommandCommand glxapp_stopListeningForBroadcast Unregisters an object that is listening for broadcasts from another object.
CommandCommand glxapp_unpublishBroadcast Unpublishes a message that an object or variable was announcing as being broadcast.
FunctionFunction glxapp_broadcastListeners() Returns an array of all the objects that are listening for broadcasts.
FunctionFunction glxapp_listeningForBroadcasts() Returns an array representing the broadcasts that an object is listening for.
FunctionFunction glxapp_publishedBroadcasts() Returns an array of broadcasts that are registered with the object or variable passed in.