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command dbconn_openCursor

Executes a query and opens a database cursor that you can use to interact with the database.

command dbconn_openCursor pSQL, @pBindingsA, pVendorParamsA
Simple parameter. pSQL SQL to execute.
Simple parameter. @pBindingsA Array of bindings to use with sql.
Simple parameter. pVendorParamsA Array of parameters to use for executing the query. Valentina: location, lock type, direction.
OptionalSimple parameter. [pConnName] The name of a Database Connection. The default is the "default connection" for the Database Object.
OptionalSimple parameter. [pDBKey] Database Object connection is associated with. Default is name returned by sqlyoga_getDefaultDatabase().

This command will try to reconnect to the database 1 time when certain error messages are returned from the RevDB driver.
For MySQL this occurs when the error is 'MySQL server has gone away'. For SQLite this occurs when the driver returns an error with 'the database file is locked' or 'some kind of disk i/o error occurred'.


Returns empty. Cursor id in 'it'. Any errors will be thrown: sqlyoga_executesql_err,ERROR