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command dbobject_set

Sets a Database Object property.

command dbobject_set pProperty, pValue
Simple parameter. pProperty Property to get.
Simple parameter. pValue Value to set property to.
OptionalSimple parameter. [pDBKey] Database Object to store created Database Object in. Default is name returned by sqlyoga_getDefaultDatabase().


default connection: The name of the connection that the database object should use for querying the database.

storage file: The path to the file to store your database object in (as an encoded array). This allows the object to persist across sessions by using dbobject_createFromFile.

storage object: The long id of the LiveCode control that you would like to save your database object in (as a custom property). This allows the object to persist across sessions by using dbobject_createFromObject.

table objects behavior: Set to the long id of the button that contains code for creating table, sql query template, scope and relationship objects, defining callbacks and validations, etc. Setting this property will trigger tableobjects_reload.


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