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command sqlrecord_delete

Deletes records in a database using the Record array(s) passed in.

command sqlrecord_delete @pRecordsA
Simple parameter. pRecordsA Records array/array of Record arrays (numerically indexed) that has the primary key column for each record filled in.

This command deletes records from the database based on the Record array(s) passed in.

## Find lesson record in db with id of 12 and store in theRecordA 
sqlrecord_find "lessons", 12, theRecordA

sqlrecord_delete theRecordA
put the result into theError

Delete callbacks in your Table Object definitions will be called and broadcasts will be sent to listeners during this operation.

After this handler completes pRecordsA will only contain SQL Record(s) with the "@table" key. Other keys will have been removed since the data no longer exists in the database.


Error message in 'the result', affected rows in 'it'