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function sqlrecord_get()

Returns a property of a SQL Record object.

function sqlrecord_get @pRecordA, pProp
Simple parameter. @pRecordsA SQL Record object that you want to get the property for.
Simple parameter. pProp The property to get.


pProp can be a built-in property, a column in the SQL Record's table or a custom property.

The built-in properties are:

@table: The name of the table to associate the SQL Record with.

@database: The name of the database object the SQL record is associated with.

@connection: The connection object the SQL Record should use.

If pProp is not a built-in property or a column then it is assumed that it is a property that you have defined in the Table Object for the SQL Record's table. This property would be defined in the 'table objects behavior' script for your Database Object. The function that will be called will be tableobj.get.TABLE_NAME.pProp. For example:

function tableobj.get.lessons.shortDescription pRecordA