January 2019 Update: This external is no longer maintained and probably doesn’t work in the LiveCode (previously named Revolution). This page is left up in case anyone is still using it, however.

The EQT External extends the QuickTime features available to Revolution. The external adds support for a variety of QuickTime features such exporting, editing, movie download status, as wired actions and intermovie communication.

Special thanks to Tim Monroe of Apple Computer who wrote an article in MacTech about writing a QuickTime external (September, October and December 2003) and gave pointers on getting started, Steve Israelson for his help and examples with using the QuickTime API to access tracks, events and wired sprites, Tuviah Snyder for modifying the code to run on Windows and providing Revolution helper functions, and Alex Curylo for the OS 9 version.

Download (235KB zip) EQT External (Mac OS X and Windows) with documentation. The OS X version is a Universal Binary.

View the online documentation.


Audio – Example stack showing sound track functions with a nice slider interface. Download

Provided by Klaus Major

Compositing – Shows how to composite two movies together. Download

Editing – Two stacks demonstrating movie editing features, creating HREF tracks, deleting tracks, combining movies, etc. Download

Video_audio_mixer.rev provided by Paolo Mazza

Flash – Shows how to interact with Flash movies in a QuickTime player. QuickTime only supports up to Flash version 5. Download

Getting/Exporting Images – Demonstrates extacting a thumbnail image from a movie on your computer. Download

Intermovie Communication – Shows how movies in two different player objects can communicate with each other directly. Download

Miscellaneous – Monitoring movie download, receiving messages when new text samples are loaded, etc. Download

QTVR – Shows handlers for getting hotspot name and comments, messages when entering/leaving hotspots, “swinging” to different points in QTVRs, etc. Download

Rotating Player Object – Demonstrates how to rotate the player object in Revolution. Download

Provided by sims

Creating Thumbnails – Shows how to create thumbnails from QuickTime supported files on disk and displaying them in a scrolling group. Download

Wired Sprites – Demonstrates setting sprite variables, executing sprite events and setting a Movie QTList. Download


3 thoughts on “EQT

  1. Trevix

    I loaded the external in LC 7.0.4 (Mavericks).
    I downloaded also the Audio stack and loaded a audio file that plays regularly but the various controls don’t seems to work.
    Every EQT command and function return “qterr,Invalid Movie Controller”
    eqtVersion () is 1.1.5.
    Am I doing something wrong?

  2. trevordevore Post author

    @Trevix: I don’t use the EQT external in projects any longer so I haven’t tested in 7.x or 6.7. My understanding is that the QuickTime player object was changed in 6.7/7.x in order to use newer APIs.My guess is that the EQT external will no longer work going forward as it uses the older QuickTime carbon APIs.

  3. Xfratboy

    So sad to hear EQT is dead now. I would love to find a new solution for controlling audio features in the same way EQT functioned. I REALLY need a solution to change audio balance to left and right channels. I will probably end up having to change platforms from Livecode to something else.

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