SQL Yoga Now Supports More Databases

Additional Database Support

Blue Mango Learning Systems is pleased to announce that SQL Yoga now supports connections to local Valentina databases as well as client connections to Valentina Server. SQL Yoga now uses the powerful V4REV external under the hood to make working with Valentina easier than ever.

See examples of how to connect to Valentina

With the addition of support for Valentina local and client connections SQL Yoga now offers support for the following databases:

  • MySQL
  • PostGreSQL
  • SQL Server (ODBC)
  • SQLite
  • Valentina local and client

Why SQL Yoga?

SQL Yoga has redefined how developers work with databases in Revolution. It has done this by extending the simplicity of Revolution to databases by allowing you to treat your database like an object.

No more writing out SQL statements or working with cursors. Retrieving data is simple. You just set properties and then let SQL Yoga write the SQL, get data from the database, and convert it to a format you can use in fields or Data Grids. Updating data and creating new records is just as easy.

Updated Documentation

We have also been hard at work on the SQL Yoga documentation. We recently added a manual showing how to create a To-Do application with SQL Yoga. This manual is an in-depth tutorial showing how to create, update and delete records. It also shows how easy it is to retrieve data with SQL Yoga and display it in Data Grids.

View the To-Do Manual

In addition, we have made updates to the Quick Overview manual, the How-To manual and the API documentation.

Download Latest Version

To download the latest version of SQL Yoga and GET pricing information please visit the SQL Yoga web page. A demo version is available.


2 thoughts on “SQL Yoga Now Supports More Databases

  1. Javier Miranda

    Dear sirs, con you please inform me if SQL Yoga support local and client connections interacting with MySQL. I´m looking for a way to develop solutions with Revolution.

    I need to store/retrieve information from users connected in the LAN, the plan is to provide the clients with front ends (RR compiled stacks), to the data stored in a central computer housing the database. I would appreciate your comments on this.

    The cost of developing with other applications such as FileMaker is too high due to the cost of the licenses (1 FileMaker Pro for each client, and the FileMaker Server).

    Thank you in advance and congratulations for your work,


  2. trevordevore Post author

    @javier: I just saw this comment. I’m not sure why I was never notified by email about it. SQL Yoga can connect to connect to MySQL using localhost or an ip address. If you are looking to create commercial applications that use MySQL you should really look into licensing costs first. They can be pretty steep. PostgreSQL does not have the added licensing costs and may be worth considering as well.

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