GLX Application Framework 1.1 Released

Revolution is an incredible cross-platform development tool for quickly creating programs that run multiple platforms. But creating an application with Revolution still requires that the developer create their own libraries to perform many common application tasks.

The GLX Application Framework provides the underlying infrastructure you need for creating professional-grade applications on Mac and Windows. This allows you to focus on making your application unique and valuable instead of wasting time setting up mundane features such as undo support. Using the framework saves you time and makes you more productive.

To find out more visit the GLX Application Framework page in our Revolution Tools section.


2 thoughts on “GLX Application Framework 1.1 Released

  1. Neal Campbell

    I’ve been as excited about the release of GLX Application framework update almost as much as the v4.0 of Runrev. I think the framework is one of the nicest enablers for program development in the runrev environment.

    Again, Thanks to Trevor!

  2. Rodney Tamblyn

    I have been using GLX Application framework since the first release. Using GLX App FW will greatly streamline the process of developing, deploying and maintaining a robust Rev-based application. I strongly encourage Rev developers to take a look at this great resource. As with any framework there is a time investment to understand the processes to follow, but the documentation for the API, and the screensteps tutorial guide will greatly assist. I would encourage anyone considering using the framework to take advantage of these resources.

    Thank you Trevor for releasing this framework to the community.

    ~ Rodney

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